Jen Blackman Lavelle: The Triathlete

My amazing wife, Jen, continues to be that much more amazing every day and inspire me on a daily basis. While many people have a hard time in challenging situations, Jen is one of those people who thrives when challenged, personally and professionally, and seeks challenges out. Triathlons are grueling, both physically and mentally, butContinue reading “Jen Blackman Lavelle: The Triathlete”

Don’t Take No For An Answer

I had the privilege of speaking at TEDxSMU Hilltop last week. ┬áThe title of my talk was “No = Go”, and I shared some of the “no’s” I’ve heard so far in starting my own company, Mizzen+Main. ┬áThe only reason I have been able to bring to life my dream of starting a company isContinue reading “Don’t Take No For An Answer”