Boston Globe and Snapchat

Two seemingly unrelated stories over the summer of 2013 should seriously wake you up. At face value, it wouldn’t appear these events are connected but pause and think about them and realize the implications. The New York Times sold The Boston Globe sold for $70 million to a local businessman. Snapchat raised $80 million fromContinue reading “Boston Globe and Snapchat”

The Cost of Cheap

Some may have heard the news that a recent building collapse in Bangladesh killed over 1,100 people. Most have not. Disasters happen all over the world, all the time. What makes this different? It was a garment factory for some of the worlds biggest (cheap) brands with deplorable conditions. Ann Zimmerman and Neil Shah wroteContinue reading “The Cost of Cheap”

What they were bad at was making money…

Things are not going well over at Zynga. While I always root for companies to succeed, it’s not all that surprising to hear that the company responsible for 1,400 invitations I’ve received to play pretend farming with lackluster visuals isn’t doing well, particularly when they pay nearly $200,000,000 for a company with a history ofContinue reading “What they were bad at was making money…”